In 2023 we launched the Chickpea + Friends Fund as a means to support local organisations, charities, good causes and individuals throughout Wiltshire.

The Fund will be supported through contributions from our business, donations from our guests, and fundraising events organised by our teams.

With your help, we hope to raise £20,000 for the Fund in year one, with every penny going to the local community in areas it is needed most.

The Fund is managed by the Wiltshire Community Foundation, who work tirelessly to ensure charitable funds are directed to good causes, local projects, and individuals in need.

The Wiltshire Community Foundation (WCF) is a registered charity that provide grants and support where people need it most in Wiltshire. They work tirelessly to strengthen local communities by encouraging local giving, and will help us connect the funds we raise with the causes we care about.

If you would like to learn more about how our Fund works, or would like to seek support from the Fund, please email